Special Tax Benefit (CARES ACT) of your giving, for year 2021

Specific Campaign of NTNU Anniversary Presentation for Overseas’ Alumni

Status of Funds Raised

NTNUHF of N.A. appreciates your generous giving, the dedicative efforts of Board/Staff Members and the support from NTNU/NTNU Alumni Center; so far, the foundation has received 14 generous gifts that included three Memorial funds.

The outcome under the situation of Pandemic is an amazing achievement for the Foundation; we believe the inspiration of your giving, the aspiration of NTNUHF of N.A. and the resources from NTNU/NTNU Alumni Center make the spiritual of continuing the NTNU Heritage a reality. 

Please continue the merits of your generous giving, let the NTNUHF of N.A. make another glory milestone in the year of 2022.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.