Celebrations of
NTNU Anniversary


The prosperity of your generous giving is not only assisting students to fulfill their dreams but also promoting the NTNU to higher rankings around the global; the coming anniversary will be a turning point for the University to Continue the Heritage, Create New Legacy and Rewrite the Legends.

There are many activities and exhibitions planned for the Anniversary celebrations.  Please use the following link for more information and participate in the NTNU Anniversary events if possible.

At this time, there is a specific fund for the donors to designate their giving to. 

Please kindly press the “GIVE” button to contribute, and to promote NTNU to next level milestone.

Specific Campaign of NTNU Anniversary Presentation for Overseas’ Alumni

Fundraising for “Make Dreams Alive”

In order to reduce the students’ financial burdens, the students are able to make their dreams alive by donors’ generous gifts; there are quite a few fundraising initiatives from time to time, the current priorities are

NTNU 100 Global Double Scholarships Fund

The scholarship fund is to reduce the financial burden for the NTNU students who want to enhance their global visions and go overseas as an exchange student. Please visit the linked web page to obtain the details of this specific fund,

NTNU 100 Global Double

“Dream Takes Off” Scholarships Fund

The scholarship fund is to offer the financial assistance for the NTNU students to have great opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Please visit the linked web page to obtain the details of this specific fund

Dream Takes Off

If the donors would like to designate their gifts to these two specific scholarship funds, please select “Others”, then, describe the details during filling the “Form of Giving”.