Committed to continue the heritage spirit of National Taiwan Normal University, passing it down from generation to generation and supporting it to enhance its overall competitiveness.

To cultivate the talents of NTNU students by Transformative assistance, encourage the gifted students to pursue their dreams, explore new knowledges, practice the truth and have the mission of enhancing Human well-being.


Gather all forces to assist National Taiwan Normal University promoting international academic and teachers exchange activities, establish industry-university cooperation and develop cross-domain integrations.

Accelerate the digital Transformations of Campuses Facilities to make NTNU become Asia’s top and an international outstanding university, furthermore, to create a new era of splendid educations.

Achieve our goals by your generous giving

Through donations from alumni at North America or people from all walks of life who identify with the university, we will assist the university in promoting academic development and personnel development in the areas of school affairs, so as to facilitate the sustainable operation of the school and become one of the top universities in the world.

School Development

to invest in the expenditure fund, the schools can use the fund properly and flexibly, focusing on development priorities.

Talent Cultivation

to assist in setting up grants, reduce the financial burden on students and cultivate outstanding talents.

Academic Piloting

to attract international professionals, inject innovative knowledge, and cultivate an extensive global outlook.

Optimizing the Campus

to conform to scientific and technological changes, flip the traditional model, and create a high-quality teaching and research environment.

The current available funds are as follows,

  • NTNU Anniversary
  • NTNU Students Scholarships
  • NTNU Students/Graduates Scholarships in North America
  • Expenditures on Renovations of NTNU Facilities or Expansions of NTNU Campuses
  • NTNU Advanced Academic Research and Next Generation Technologies Developments
  • NTNU General Fund
  • The NTNU Heritage Foundation of North America’s General Fund
  • Others, you may always specify how your gifts will be designated

NTNUHF of N.A. is approved as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization by IRS on April, 2020; your gift may be eligible to be Tax Deductible.