Giving Feels Good

The spirit of giving brings prosperity to the donors.  The appreciation of such generous gifts from awarded students inspires them to fulfill the dreams and feedback with gifts to both NTNU Heritage Foundation and University in the near future.

Based on the history of NTNU’s information, the NTNUHF of N.A. offers donors the capability to endow specific scholarships, fellowships and other funds.  This is a way for donors to share their personal beliefs, professional expertise, and inspirations with others including NTNU and students.  For more detailed information, please click the button to contact us. 

The current available such gifts are listed as follows,

The Amy Hui-Mei Chen Memorial Endowed Fund
To fund the following activities in memory and honor of Amy Hui-Mei Chen: 

  1. Providing scholarship support for alumni of the Department of Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University to pursue Master or PhD degrees in any country besides Republic Of China, Taiwan. The scholarship dollars for purposes of this endowment, include the tuition, fees, books, coursed-related material, and school mandated equipment. 
  2. Providing financial support to invite scholars from overseas to participate in the International Academic Symposium sponsored by the Department of Chinese at NTNU. 
  3. Conducting Semi-annual or Annual academic lectures to commemorate Hui-Mei Chen Hung.

Professor Hsu Zheng-Shen (許振聲教授) Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Providing scholarships for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students with Major in Physics

Mrs. Wei Lu-Kun (魏盧衮太夫人)Memorial Distinguished Chemistry Lectureship

For more detailed information, please click the button to contact us.