Vision and Mission

To continue the heritage and spirit of National Taiwan Normal University, the NTNU Heritage Foundation of North America focuses on promoting NTNU to be one of top-notch Universities in Asia by offering scholarships, funds for the expenditures on the renovation of academic facilities, the expansion of school operations and others.

Through donations / gifts from the alumni or people who identify with NTNU, NTNUHF of N.A. will assist the university through a few specific funds based on the needs, click the button to know more details.

Funding Priorities –
Every Gift is Powerful How will you make a difference?

When you support NTNUHF of N.A., you help make it possible to give the students of NTNU an extraordinary learning experience that will shape the rest of their lives. By preparing students, we advance the wellbeing of our community, region and world.  

Your Generous Gifts will make future Impact

NTNUHF of N.A. believes donors like you will give NTNU the margin of excellence, as demonstrated by the achievements of the NTNU’s students in academic competitions, performing arts events, and cultivation of the young for the country’s future.  Your gifts will be unique and will help make the university extraordinary.  

Year 2022 is a year with glories for NTNU Anniversary


Not only will there be celebrations and exhibitions related to the milestone of the university, but there will also be breakthrough projects at the university to continue the heritage and to pass on the glory legacy to the next century.  Please click on the link to see detailed information.