Specific Campaign of NTNU Anniversary Presentation for Overseas’ Alumni

News Release of First Public Event of NTNUHF of N.A. Grand Opening Through Zoom Meeting

The Foundation’s first public event was successfully held on December 10, 2021. The Grand Opening event started the Heritage Run of NTNUHF of N.A., believe the Heritage of NTNU will become a new Legacy by your generous supports. Please to see the details by the following Link,

Due to the new variant of Covid_19, the Chinese New Year Celebration Gathering may be cancelled, please wait for more details

NTNUAA of Northern California will have a gathering to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 27, 2022; 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Welcome to take part in the celebration of the 4719th Chinese Year.
For the details, please visit link of NTNUAA of North America Website,

國立臺灣師範大學北加卅校友會 – NTNUAA: National Taiwan Normal University Alumni Association of Northern California

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Need-Based Scholarships

Everyone who wants a college education at NTNU should have that opportunity, and Scholarships are crucial to make it happen.

You can:

Endow or start a need-based scholarship

Contribute to a need-based scholarship in one of our nine academic colleges

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Technology Enhancement Fund

High technologies dominate the world.  In other words, enhanced technologies in the academic facilities will direct the future developments of NTNU students to success.

You can:

Endow or start a Technology Enhancement Fund

Contribute to a Technology Enhancement fund in one of our nine academic colleges

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